Name Tag

Dahil sa ako ay na Tag ni Azul kaya ito ako sumasagot din nito.

Ang rule nang game ay isulat ang mga name/pangalan na tinatawag sayo at kung sino ang tumatawag sayo nito. Tama ba? basta ganun!

Mark – tawag sa akin ng ibang kaibigan ko pero mostly ng tumatawag sa akin nito ay yung mga di ko gaano ka close na friend.

Markey – lahat ng tumatawag sa akin nito ay yung mga ka close ko pero ang pinaka unang tao na tumawag sa akin ng Markey ay si Gordon till now ito na tawag sa akin ng mga close friend ko.

Marcos – Marcos is a tagalog word for Mark, dad ko ang tumatawag sa akin nito at ibang relatives ko ng bata ako. Sa ngayin wala na masyadong tumatawag sa akin ng Marcos.

Twillow – Ibang mga net friends ko tawag sa akin Twillow kasi ito yung dating name ng aking domain tapos minsan ginagamit ko thin ang Twillow sa mga forum na saan ako ay member.

Mayhika – Ito yung tawag sa akin ng elementary kasi yung apilido ko tunog Mayhika.

Gino – tawag sa akin sa Equitable ng nagwowork pa ako kasi bawal gamitin yung tunay na name namin and equitable is my first job pagatapos ko ng college.

wala na akong matandaan pero yan ang mga pangalan sa akin. So natapos ko na kaya ako naman ang mag Tag sa inyo. kaya ito ang mga na TAG ko: Ate Miel, Rodel, Zao, Benj, Jeff @ Geisha, Jhosel, Mon, Mac Callister

50 Impulses

Message: Okay this is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS… type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random just type it!

1. Beer: my bestfriend, when I’m down!

2. Food: makes me fat!

3. Relationships: I don’t have any at the moment.

4. Your crush: I love the eyes

5. Power Rangers: go go Power ranger

6. Life: living it

7. The President: nunal

8. Yummy: cebus lechon!

9. Cars: volvo

10. Movie: you change my life

11. Halloween: candy

12. Sex: loving it

13. Religion: roman catholic

14. Hate: plastic

15. Fear: grow old alone

16. Marriage: commitment

17. Blondes: ash brown

18. Slippers: daily footwear

19. Shoes: leather

20. Asians: I am

21. Past time: playing pet society

22. One night stand: why not!

23. Cell Phone: I have 3

24. Smoke: Not into it

25. Fantasy: Win the lotto

26. College: fun

27. Highschool Life: I did not enjoy it!

28. Pajamas: I don’t wear it!

29. Stars: so bright

30. Fitness Center: to lazy to go!

31. Alcohol: casino

32. The word love: sacrifice

33. Friends: few but certainly true!

34. Money: must have

35. Heartache: move on!

36. Time: is gold

37. Divorce: why not

38. Dogs: chow chow

39. Undies: sexy

40. Parents: whatever

41. Babies: cutie

42. Ex: asshole

43. Song: superhuman

44. Color: purple

45. Weddings: romantic

46. Pizza: afriques

47. Hangout: my room

48. freestyle: swimming

49. Goal: to be happy and travel

50. Inspiration: Boy Abunda

I was Tagged

Kasalanan ito ni Rye…. Hmmmp! The rule is to list down ten information about yourself, nine of them are facts and one is a hoax. Im not really good on this but shall we start now and give it a try!

1. I’m not comfortable wearing wristwatch. I don’t know but I just cant explain why I feel different wearing watch. Most of my watch at home are good as new and most of them are never been used so its like a collection.

2. In reading a newspaper, I always start at the end portion going to the front page.

3. One of the most humiliating experiences in my life was in Shangrila Hotel with my friends because we got caught by the hotel security creeping along the hotel corridors, looking for Lee Brenan and the rest of the 911 guys’ rooms, and slotting in fan letters under the doors. The entire plot was so hilarious it gave me tummy aches for hours! Hahahahaha!

4. When I was a kid, I have Matchbox collection an I also have Remote control Cars and Planes. I know most of my close friends would not believe it but sorry to disappoint you guys if your expecting that I have barbie collection. I’m a big fun of Matchbox and even have those gas station converted into parking lot or garage houses.

5. I don’t use cold water in taking a bath. I want it hot or the maligamgam.

6. One of my frustration is to have a golden tan skin.So every summer I try to aim for a golden tan skin but I ended up looking like a lobster.

7. I love to travel. I even tried to travel to Cambodia alone.

8. I hate when it rains, I don’t know and I cant even explain the feeling of loneliness every time it rains.

9. I don’t like my hand writing for obvious reason.

10. My course in College is Physical Therapist.

Since I was tagged for this… I will also tagged few people that I know!

Rodel, Vanvan, Benj Cordero, Honey Reyes, Zao Pasia


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