Asus Zenfone Gay Themed Commercial

Im not a fan of any China phone / Chinese smartphone  but  Asus from Taiwan came up with this tasteful commercial that made me interested to purchase one.

The commercial starts with a ‘boy-meets-girl’ scene that is way too typical for a commercial. The twist of the commercial is with the guys bestfriend.

Watch this tasteful ad below:


Mikee, Maimai, China Cojuangco


This is not a campaign post for Tingting Cojuangco but as a fan of Mikee Cojuangco I must say that she is still pretty.

USANA Essentials


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The Essentials
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From the word of mouth of a friend she recommended me to use Beauché. She even told me that this product works like obagi and even this product was used by flight attendant of Philippine Airline. So let me try it for my self and I really hope that effect on me is like magic.

Beauché (byu-shey)

is very popoular among the in-flight crews of Philippine Airlines, as well as employees of respectable banking institutions, telecommunications companies, hotels and resorts, government employees and even endorsed by some dermatologists and medical doctors nationwide. Sales offices sprung up in Bohol, Cebu and Davao to service the growing demand of the product. Satisfied customers became distributors themselves that the product started gaining patronage in Hong Kong, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Beauche Facial Set is very good for skin it irregularities:

  • pimples
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  • it will firm your skin
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Rescue Can

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Changing Lives: Timbaland Shock Value II Tour

Just when everyone thought that the Timbaland concert is already big, think again because The benefit concert, presented by Smart Buddy and Smart Bro,Changing Lives: Timbaland Shock Value II Tour featuring Timbaland will be more bigger because of the two special guests: Justin Timberlake and Jojo! These artists collaborated with Timbaland as part of the Shock Value II album. Happening on March 27 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, all net proceeds of the concert will be donated to the PLDT Smart Foundation. This would definitely be the most anticipated concert this 2010!

Ticket Prices:

VIP PhP 4,651.20
GOLD PhP 3,100.80
SILVER PhP 1,550.40
BRONZE PhP 310.08

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Mcdonalds Commercial “First Love”

The new commercial of Mcdonald’s really melted my heart. The concept of 80’s is so baduy but in a cute way, so love the hair and their dress. I would not get tired of playing and watching it all over again. Kudos DDB Philippines and with the music “Ang Huling El Bimbo” by Ely Buendia makes it perfect.


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