The Thank You Girls

I believe that this indie film is worth watching for, I heard that this film competed in Vancouver International Film Festival’s Dragons and Tigers Competition for Young Filmmakers.

But watching the trailer, I think that the writer and the director wants to emphasize that cross-dresser gays are not subject for ridicule. They are also human who deserve respect, people who are intelligent and have their own aspiration and dreams to conquer.

Here is the synopsis which I found in the official website of TYG

Tired of losing in all the beauty competitions in their hometown of Davao City, six dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans travel north to Cagayan de Oro with a single mission: to conquer the grandest competition of beauty and brains in the whole province. They figure the small town gays will never stand a chance against big city boys like them.

As they travel through the breathtaking landscape and culture vignettes of rural Mindanao, each character struggles to win just a single title, while also battling their own inner demons.

Blinded by their belief in the power of their so-called beauty, they still have to prove to themselves that whether on or off stage, beauty doesn’t come in packages wrapped in foundation, mascara, eyeliners and witty beauty pageant answer. their travels will bring them back to basics of themselves might just teach them that being a run-away loser is not ugly after all.



JANUARY 21-27, 2009

Butas (Loophole)

Last Monday I watched Butas  (Loophole) another filipino indie film at UP Theater, I think it was a waste of time for me. Basically the story is nice but not that strong in addition to that Allen Dizon, Gwen Garci, Marco Morales need more workshop. Portrayals of the character was so plain, I cant feel the pain the emotion of the character they portray.  There are some scenes that are to dragging in short boring, also some wrong scenes like Marco was wearing a gray sando and in few seconds his wearing a black sando. Main loophole on this film was unsynchronized of the scene. Two cameras suppose to be taken in same scene but different movement which supposed to be the same.

So for me its not artfully made, weak in terms of story and acting, dragging. One more thing, given a fact that this is a low budgeted film so I’m not going to give any comment on the jail scene which I know it was taken on the same old house but the things is, it’s a jail and character of Allen Dizon is basically not rich why on earth is he wearing a Lacoste shirt he could wear orange or yellow shirt or maybe just a plain shirt.




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