5 list of Break-up Songs…

1.  ________________
2.  ________________
3.  ________________
4.  ________________
5.  ________________

My friend from multiply account posted this to his blog, without checking my iPod I immediately given my top 5 favorite songs from my iPod playlist.

1. If You Died I Wouldn’t Cry Cause You Never Loved Me Anyway – MYA
2. Someday – Nina
3. The One I Gave My Heart To- Aaliyah
4. Go On Girl – Ne-yo
5. Last Request – Paolo Nutini

Anyway yup I do have tons of break up and moving on songs on my iPod and I even have this particular playlist. I made this playlist right after I broke up with my cheater partner.

I really wanted to add more titles on my friends blog so I synch my iPod but eventually, my iPod is not synching with my PC. I know I consume almost 80gb space of my iPod 80gb video but up to now I don’t know what seems to be the problem. For sure its not the space because I still have 700mb left on my iPod. I even try to restart my iPod, restart my PC, uninstall-install iTunes but its no good. Every time I plug in my iPod its just charging. So if anyone encounter this kind of problem will you help me out please,  I don’t want to delete all my songs on my iPod for sure there is another way to fix this please help me. Also if any brokenhearted, reading this blog I can suggest more song to you before I delete my playlist because the playlist is no more use for me.


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