You Changed My Life

It’s been 6 months since Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) won the heart of her prince charming Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) and it has been nothing but roses—she got promoted, Flippage is now in the same building where Miggy works and best of all, her hair looks better. To Laida, nothing can break her perfect world.

Meanwhile, Miggy also feels like he’s on top of the world. He is finally okay with his family and for the first time, he’s in a relationship that has meaning. He is slowly proving to everyone that he is indeed a work in progress.

But things are quickly proven not quite what they seem. Miggy gets promoted but is assigned in Laguna. Laida, on the otherhand, is being offered a job in Canada. With their careers leading Laida and Miggy to different paths, their relationship suffers from the pressures of being apart. Will Laida and Miggy be able to keep their happily ever after? Or will they realize, a little too late, that living the dream is actually harder than attaining it?

Hindi ko alam kung ano mas gusto ko yung A Very Special Love or You Changed My Life, but one thing I know is that in A Very Special Love mas kinilig ako with the getting to know and yung time na nadedevelop na si Miggy kay Laida. on the other hand in You Changed My Life, it pictures the real life relationship yung tipong kung ano talaga ang problema sa isang relasyon. My fave scene here is the date scene, the helicopter ride to meet the family and the fireworks. Makes you think is there such a guy as Miggy Montenegro? if there is nasan na sya? sana i-date nya din ako ng ganun. am sure all of you will agree on how romantic the scene was.

Hindi siya kasing intellectual ng The Reader, kasing exciting ng Australia or kasing bongga ng Confessions Of A Shopaholic, pero there is something na meron sa movie (lalo na sa mga may syota mas naiintindihan nila yung “issue”).

Electricity Saving Tip p2

Since its already summer and its very hot in Manila, I think its about time for us to think on how to save electricity since we are experiencing global crisis. I found this useful tips from Meralco.

Air conditioner Saving Tips

  • When buying a new air conditioner, look for the Energy Guide (yellow label) attached to the unit and check the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). As a general rule for units with the same cooling capacity, a higher EER means a more efficient unit and a lower operating cost.
  • Choosing the right size of air conditioning unit for your room size can help you save on electricity. Oversized air conditioners are not energy efficient. With the right unit size, your air conditioner will operate properly for peak efficiency and would require low maintenance only. Follow the steps below and know the right size of air conditioner for your room.
    1. Determine the floor area (in square meters) of the room or space you want to install an air conditioner in. For example, the floor area of a room with a length of 5 meters and a width of 4 meters is 20 square meters.
    2. Use the formula below to estimate the required cooling capacity.
      Cooling capacity = size of the room (m2) x 500 kJ/hr – m2
      Substitute the computed floor area as the size of the room and then multiply this value by the constant 500kJ/hr – m2. The resulting value is the estimated cooling capacity of the air conditioner that you need to install.
    3. Look for a unit with matching cooling capacity as shown on the Energy Guide. If the matching cooling capacity is not available, choose the one with the next higher value.
    4. Get the highest Energy Efficiency Ration (EER) rating that your budget can afford. Remember that the higher the EER, the more savings you get from operating the unit.
  • Install the aircon in a cool area. A unit operating in the shade uses 10 percent less electricity than the same unit operating in direct sunlight. Plant trees or construct coverings to provide shade for your aircon but be sure not to block the airflow.
  • Check the insulation of your room. Spaces from the windows, doors and the airconditioner installation point may cause cold air to leak or heat to enter the room, making the unit work harder to provide the needed cooling.
  • Don’t place lamps, television and other items, which can be a source of heat near your unit. The thermostat senses the heat given off by these items, causing your unit to run longer than necessary.
  • Support your aircon’s cooling performance by draping windows with curtains, blinds and other similar accessories to block the sun’s rays. Consider also using an interior fan in conjunction with your airconditioner to help spread cool air more effectively without greatly increasing electricity consumption.
  • Make sure that the thermostat is functioning correctly. Set your thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature as possible. A comfortable room temperature setting is about 24 degrees Celsius. Setting your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when turning your unit on will not help cool your room any faster. Rather, it could result in excessive cooling and, therefore, unnecessary expense.
  • Set the fan speed on high, except on very humid days. When humidity is high, set the fan speed on low for more comfort. The low speed on humid days will cool your room better and will help remove moisture from the air because of slower air movement through the cooling equipment.
  • Check the filter once a month by holding it up against the light. If you can’t see through it, it’s time to clean or replace the filter.
  • Straighten any bent fins. Straightening the fins increases the efficiency of the air flow through the coils and adds to the overall cooling effect produced by the air conditioner.
  • Regularly clean the condenser for your unit to efficiently expel the heat load of your airconditioned room.

Electricity Saving Tip p1

Since its already summer and its very hot in Manila, I think its about time for us to think on how to save electricity since we are experiencing global crisis. I found this useful tips from Meralco.

Electric Fan Saving Tips

  • Choose the right type of fan to cool down a particular place. Desk fans are the most effective fans for small rooms. Stand fans, on the other hand, are best for medium-sized rooms. They offer great flexibility in providing the cool breeze you want because of their adjustable height levels. For large or spacious rooms, consider using ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have larger blades compared with other types of fans. The longer the blades, the more air they can push around. Ceiling fans are very efficient in stirring the cooler air along the floor to provide the necessary cooling in a room.
  • Get the right size of ceiling fan for your room. The sizes of a ceiling fan commonly range from 34” to 56” in diameter. Generally, a 36” fan is suitable for rooms that measure up to 9’x12’. A 48” fan is practical for rooms up to 12’x15’, and a 56” fan suits rooms larger than 12’x15’. A long and narrow room may require two fans for effective air circulation. Undersized fans are not effective to use because these would not provide you the cooling requirements and comfort that you need.
  • Properly set your fan speed according to your cooling needs. The speed level setting of a fan is directly proportional to its energy consumption. The faster your fan blades rotate the more energy your electric fan consumes.
  • Use the oscillating feature of your desk fan to efficiently provide the cooling effect you need. Lock the oscillator when fan is needed in one direction only.
  • Turn off your electric fans when no one is using it.
  • Perform regular maintenance to keep your electric fan running more efficiently. Maintenance activities can save up to 30% of fan energy.
  • Clean your electric fans regularly, to keep them running efficiently. Remove the dust accumulated at the fan blades, motor housings, and grills as it reduces the air current generated by the fan. Cobwebs, dust and other forms of impurities piling up at the motor’s cover prevent air to naturally provide the cooling needed by the motor or heat produced by the motor to be released. This causes additional heating of the motor’s windings, which leads to more consumption of energy.

Hot Air Balloon

This is the most busiest valentines week ever for me. I know a lot of single people are worried about their date or hook-ups every time Feb. 14 approaches but as for me the whole week was terribly tiring. May usual schedule will be waking up around 1pm check everything on the net, by 3pm ill be preparing to meet up with friends and be back at home around 7am.

Anyway this year I celebrated my valentines differently because I’m single but it was fun. Feb. 13, went out with friends for a dinner and drinking session it was fun. Feb. 14, watched the concert of Boyce Avenue and Dinner in Mister Kebbab with _____ hehehehehhehe. After the dinner I plan to go to Pampangga over night in kuya’s Hacienda but change of plan I have to go to my officemate wake.

Since my Pampangga trip was cancelled I never thought it will push thru, out of nowhere on Sunday morning Feb. 15 after 2hours of sleep went to skye baptism and my friend pick me up to go to Pampangga for the Hot Air Balloon. The festival was so much fun very colorful and it was my first time to join the festival but it was fun. I have some pictures from Hot Air Balloon Festival 2009. Looking forward for next year festival.

Snow Cone



Me on the plane



Anggun: Open Heart Soundtrack

By request: Anggun, Open Heart Soundtrack

Track Listings:

1. Counting Down
2. Open Your Heart
3. Little Things
4. Blue Satellite
5. The End of a Story
6. I’m Your Mirror
7. Pray
8. I Wanna Hurt You
9. Naked Sleep

Download – Anggun: Open Heart Soundtrack

I was Tagged

Kasalanan ito ni Rye…. Hmmmp! The rule is to list down ten information about yourself, nine of them are facts and one is a hoax. Im not really good on this but shall we start now and give it a try!

1. I’m not comfortable wearing wristwatch. I don’t know but I just cant explain why I feel different wearing watch. Most of my watch at home are good as new and most of them are never been used so its like a collection.

2. In reading a newspaper, I always start at the end portion going to the front page.

3. One of the most humiliating experiences in my life was in Shangrila Hotel with my friends because we got caught by the hotel security creeping along the hotel corridors, looking for Lee Brenan and the rest of the 911 guys’ rooms, and slotting in fan letters under the doors. The entire plot was so hilarious it gave me tummy aches for hours! Hahahahaha!

4. When I was a kid, I have Matchbox collection an I also have Remote control Cars and Planes. I know most of my close friends would not believe it but sorry to disappoint you guys if your expecting that I have barbie collection. I’m a big fun of Matchbox and even have those gas station converted into parking lot or garage houses.

5. I don’t use cold water in taking a bath. I want it hot or the maligamgam.

6. One of my frustration is to have a golden tan skin.So every summer I try to aim for a golden tan skin but I ended up looking like a lobster.

7. I love to travel. I even tried to travel to Cambodia alone.

8. I hate when it rains, I don’t know and I cant even explain the feeling of loneliness every time it rains.

9. I don’t like my hand writing for obvious reason.

10. My course in College is Physical Therapist.

Since I was tagged for this… I will also tagged few people that I know!

Rodel, Vanvan, Benj Cordero, Honey Reyes, Zao Pasia

“Bare” musical stage play

BARE is a coming-of-age love story that truly resonates to each and everyone of us. It tells the intriguing yet moving love story of roommates Peter and Jason as they are about to graduate from a Catholic, boarding school.

Short synopsis: Jason, the senior class’ golden boy is hiding a big secret: He is in a romance with the shy Peter. If his secret is found out, Jason fears his entire world will crumble. Things get messy. Peter wants to drop the facade. Popular girl Ivy pursues Jason. Problems spiral out of control. The graduating seniors of St. Cecilia’s realize that life is indeed complicated and they find themselves in a world with more questions than answers.

Bare is directed by Ana Abad Santos, and we will open on February 17, 2009 at the Fine Arts Exhibit Hall, 3/F Gonzaga Hall, Ateneo de Manila University.

Shows run from February 17-21, 24-28, 8pm (Tues-Sat).

You may reserve your tickets now. For tickets and other inquiries, call or text Alexa Yupangco @ 0917 722 0805.

Unforgettable lines from Pinoy Silver Screen

This are my favorite lines form the movie, its been part of our pop culture lingo. No particular order some are funny, some are mushy, but you will love it as much I love the lines.

  • “Oo, inaamin ko, saging lang kami. Pero maghanap ka ng puno sa buong Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso! Saging lang ang may puso!” – Mark Lapid, Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar (2006)
  • “Oh yes, kaibigan mo ako. Kaibigan mo lang ako…. And I’m so stupid to make the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” – Jolina Magdangal, Labs Kita… Okey Ka Lang? (1998)
  • “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!”  – Cherie Gil, Bituing Walang Ningning (1985)
  • “My brother is not a pig! My brother is not a pig! Ang kapatid ko ay tao, hindi baboy damo!” – Nora Aunor, Minsa’y Isang Gamugamo (1976)
  • “Hayop . . . Hayuuup . . . Hayuuupppp!” – Nora Aunor, Ina Ka ng Anak Mo (1979)
  • “Si Val! Si Val! Palagi na lang si Val! Si Val na walang malay! Si Val na ang tanging kasalanan ay maging anak sa labas!”  – Vilma Santos, Saan Nagtatago ang Pag-ibig? (1987)
  • “Ikaw pala. Ikaw pala ang sinasabi ng asawa ko na asawa mo na asawa ng bayan!”  – Laurice Guillen, Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi (1983)
  • “Gutay-gutay na ang katawan nyo . . . pati na ang kaluluwa nyo!”  – Sharon Cuneta, Pasan Ko ang Daigdig (1987)
  • Sharon: “Ang problema sa ‘yo maaga kang ipinanganak”
  • FPJ: “Ang problema naman sa ‘yo huli kang ipinanganak” – Sharon Cuneta and Fernando Poe Jr., Kahit Konting Pagtingin (1990)
  • “Wala akong pakialam . . . ibalik mo sa akin si Jun-jun. Ibalik mo sa akin ang anak ko! Ibalik mo sa akin si Jun-jun. Ibalik mo ang . . . ahhhhh!” – Vilma Santos, Paano Ba ang Mangarap? (1983)
  • Alice: “Mamamatay ako, Ate, pag kinuha mo sa akin si Alex!”
  • Lorna: “Ipalilibing kita.”
  • Alice: “Ate, please!”
  • Lorna: “Nung inagaw mo sa ‘kin si . . . muntik na rin akong mamatay. Puwes, ikaw naman ngayon ang mamatay”  – Lorna Tolentino and Alice Dixson, Nagbabagang Luha (1988)
  • “Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?”  – Vilma Santos, Sister Stella L. (1984)
  • ” Get out of my house! Oo, bahay ko ‘to! Bahay ko ‘to dahil ako ang nagbabayad ng ilaw, ako ang nagbabayad ng tubig! Get out of my house! I don’t need a parasite!”  – Maricel Soriano, Separada (1994)
  • “Ako legal wife!”  – Zsa Zsa Padilla, Mano Po 2 (2003)
  • “Oo, Ate, oo, Ate . . . Puro na lang ako oo, Ate!!! Para akong manikang de susi” – Sharon Cuneta, Nakagapos na Puso (1986)
  • “I was never your partner. I’m just your wife . . . kaya hindi mo ko nirerespeto!” – Sharon Cuneta, Madrasta (1996)
  • “Ang mga tala–mataas, mahirap maabot. Pero ipinapangako ko, Inay, bukas, luluhod ang mga tala!” – Sharon Cuneta, Bukas Luluhod ang mga Tala (1984)
  • “Noong una hinangaan kita. Pero nang makilala kita, sinabi ko sa sarili ko na hindi lang kita papantayan, lalampasan pa kita!”  – Sharon Cuneta, Bituing Walang Ningning (1985)
  • “Mahal mo ba ko dahil kailangan mo ako? O Kailangan mo ako kc mahal mo ko?” – Claudine Baretto, Milan(2004)
  • “Akala mo lang wala… pero meron! Meron! Meron!” – Carlo Aquino, Bata, Bata…Paano Ka Ginawa? (1998)
  • “Ikaw ang maganda. Ikaw ang matalino. Ikaw ang paborito ni Itay. Malandi ka! Haliparot!” – Maricel Soriano, Inagaw mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin (1995)
  • “Para kang karinderyang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain.”  – Vilma Santos, Palimos ng Pag-ibig (1985)
  • “Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao! Nasa puso nating lahat!” – Nora Aunor, Himala (1982)

Boyce Avenue Live in the Philippines

Boyce Avenue Live and Acoustic in the Philippines

Boyce Avenue Live and Acoustic in the Philippines

Boyce Avenue, a Florida-based band popular for its strong acoustic roots and constant drive toward a melody- and harmony-driven rock sound, consists of the three brothers Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano, and Stephen Hatker.

The band will be performing in the following dates and venues:
February 12 – SM Cebu, 6 PM
February 13 – SM Mall of Asia, 7 PM
February 14 – SM North Edsa, 5 pm
February 15 – SM Megamall, 7:30 PM

Rihanna – Hatin On The Club

Rihanna - Hatin On The Club

Rihanna, has a new song making its way around the internet. The song is called “Hatin On The Club” and it was originally supposed to appear on the pop star’s reloaded version of her smash album released last June. With any luck, it will appear on her forthcoming as-yet-untitled fourth album instead. A heartbroken Rih Rih sings about her no good boyfriend cheating on her in the club over a modernized doo-wop beat. It’s a certified chart topper. The song was written by The-Dream and produced by Tricky Stewart, the team responsible for her biggest hit, “Umbrella.” Check it!

Download Rihanna – Hatin On The Club

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