Embracing Singlehood

I had a blast last night, imagine 3 parties in one night. First stop was in Country Steak in Sunshine Place. Meet up some people from Tsikot Media and PPO but I have to leave early because of despedida party of my friend. From Country Steak I headed to Embassy and after that transfer to Fiama.

After all the fun eat breakfast in Andok’s in Jupiter. Story begins here, My friend (actually my ex friends since elementary) ask me if I’m still mad at my ex. I immediately answer “NO”. I’m not mad at all, I learn to forgive him and after all I still want him to be happy.

For me, Im embracing singlehood. I know it’s the love month but Im not gonna be pressure because of it. Im taking one step at a time but Im not closing my heart to anyone maybe at the moment Im just not ready or maybe *****


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