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Well last March, me and my friends book a flight going to Malaysia on Cebu Pacific and after two months I recieved this text from Cebu Pacific.

Im clueless if its true or not so I imediately text all my friends and they did not recieved any text or call from Cebu Pacific.

So a day after aroun 12AM I called there hotline (I waited 1hour to be assisted) just to confirm. Here is the thing, they confirmed that yes indeed it was true they move are flight they did not even say SORRY about it or try to explain to me what had happened. They just want to know if I want to book again my flight with different dates but with same fare.

What Im trying to point out here is, first since its so hard to contact them try to call us to inform about what happened. Second, try to apologize because this such thing causes us inconvenience. Third try to explain what happened for us to understand. Fourth try to contact all your passengers because what if I did not inform my friend about what happened.

Over all the service of Cebu Pacific SUCK’s BIG TIME! ! !

Kris Allen – No Boundaries

“No Boundaries” written by Kara DioGuardi, Cathy Dennis & Mitch Allen, and was produced by Eman. This year they decided that both contestants would have the same single.

Download : Kris Allen – No Boundaries

Adam Lambert – No Boundaries

“No Boundaries” written by Kara DioGuardi, Cathy Dennis & Mitch Allen, and was produced by Eman. This year they decided that both contestants would have the same single.

Download : Adam Lambert – No Boundaries

American Idol – Top 2 (Studio Recordings)

1. Adam Lambert – Change Is Gonna Come
2. Kris Allen – What’s Going On

Download: American Idol Season 8 – Top 2 (Studio Recordings)

American Idol – Top 3 (Studio Recordings)

Danny Gokey was eliminated, to be honest Danny gokey was may fave for this season but after several performance on the show I found him boring no variation on his performance and after the a terrible performance on rock thingy he diserve to be eliminated and thats only my opinion so dont get me wrong.

1. Adam Lambert – One
2. Adam Lambert – Cryin’
3. Danny Gokey – Dance Little Sister
4. Danny Gokey – You Are So Beautiful
5. Kris Allen – Apologize
6. Kris Allen – Heartless

Download: American Idol Season 8 – Top 3 (Studio Recordings)

Now Plurking….

I dont know why I sign up in plurk but I just love it because when I update my plurk it will also update my Facebook shoutout account and thats cool for me. So Im new in plurk and just learning the benefits of it. If you have an plurk account just add me.

American Idol – Top 4 (Studio Recordings)

Allison Irheta was eliminated but for me worst performance ever was Danny Gokey

1. Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love
2. Allison Irheta – Cry Baby
3. Danny Gokey – Dream On
4. Kris Allen – Come Together
5. Adam Lambert & Allison Irheta – Slow Ride
6. Danny Gokey & Kris Allen – Renegade

Download: American Idol Season 8 – Top 4 (Studio Recordings)

I hate this part

Bagyong Emong, it means rainy days again…. I really hate it! I dont like rainy season….

CHAN-HOM is expected to continue moving on a generally ENE to NE track for the next 3 days, may still intensify prior to landfall. The 2 to 3-day Medium-Range Forecast shows CHAN-HOM making landfall in between Ilocos Sur & La Union or in between La Union & Pangasinan between 6-9 AM tomorrow Friday May 8. It shall gradually weaken upon crossing the Cordillera Mountains Friday afternoon til Saturday and dissipate off the northeastern tip of Luzon, or in the vicinity of Northern Cagayan by early Sunday morning May 10. These window of projected paths are based on the majority of computer models but changes are still possible as the storm is still less than a day away from impact.

*Alternate Forecast Scenario: There’s a possibility that CHAN-HOM shall veer slightly to the North and just skim the coast of Ilocos provinces, and make landfall over Taiwan. This scenario is likely if the predicted High Pressure Ridge off South Korea strengthens and becomes the dominant steering factor.


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