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Well last March, me and my friends book a flight going to Malaysia on Cebu Pacific and after two months I recieved this text from Cebu Pacific.

Im clueless if its true or not so I imediately text all my friends and they did not recieved any text or call from Cebu Pacific.

So a day after aroun 12AM I called there hotline (I waited 1hour to be assisted) just to confirm. Here is the thing, they confirmed that yes indeed it was true they move are flight they did not even say SORRY about it or try to explain to me what had happened. They just want to know if I want to book again my flight with different dates but with same fare.

What Im trying to point out here is, first since its so hard to contact them try to call us to inform about what happened. Second, try to apologize because this such thing causes us inconvenience. Third try to explain what happened for us to understand. Fourth try to contact all your passengers because what if I did not inform my friend about what happened.

Over all the service of Cebu Pacific SUCK’s BIG TIME! ! !


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