One More Chance for the Nth Time

One More Chance

Nothing to do this afternoon and I dont have new movies or series to watch so I decided to watch again One More Chance for the Nth time and I must say this movie never fails me to make me cry.

Since I watched this for Nth time i already noted some best lines from the movie. let me share it with you…

  • Hindi naman makikinig yun eh – Basha

  • Kahit sa anong problema naman namin lagi nalang syang tama lagi nalang ako ang mali – Basha

  • Eh mahal ko eh – Basha

  • Poy! napapagod na ako – Basha

  • I want to stop wondering “what if” I want to know “what is” – Basha

  • You know me, if kaya pang ayusin pipilitin but if this  is really  what both  of you  need… then just be strong …  magiging mahirap at masakit pero hopefully all the pain will be worth it – Krizzy

  • Wala nang “tayo” popoy – Basha

  • Pero ikaw ang kailangan ko – Popoy

  • Ma! Wag na po natin I pilit – Basha

  • Well it’s a very  exciting time Basha… but at the end of the day ,  though things might change, somethings remain the same diba, kaya dapat wag mo kakalimutan ang lumang ikaw – Mark  

  • Bash! Congratulation, sa wakas nakahanap ka na ng pamalit sa akin cheers – Popoy

  • Bash! Hindi mo ba alam yung 3 month rule lahat ng taong na inlove at nakipagbreak alam yun, Bash maghihintay ka muna ng 3 buwan, diba 3 buwan bago ka makipag boyfriend uli. Hindi mo alam yun? Bash my 2 linggo pa ako eh, 2 linggo pa! but katingkati kang palitan ako? – Popoy

  • I love you bash! Mahal na mahal kita at ang sakit sakit na – Popoy

  • Single but happy! – Basha

  • I love you and I will tell you everyday Everyday until you forget the things that hurt I hate the thing that make you hurt And how I wish I could take them away If only it could be done, I do it for sure… – Tricia

  • Alam ko naman na pinagpalit na nya talaga ako eh, pero ngayon lang talaga nagging totoo, sobrang sakit – Basha

  • Ako! Ako yung problema.kasi nasasaktan ako kahit hindi naman ako dapat masaktan, sana kaya ko nalang tiisin ang sakit na nararamdaman ko kasi ako ang humiling nito diba ako yung my gusto, sana kaya kung sabihin sayo na masaya ako para sayo para sa inyo sana kaya ko sana kaya ko pero hindi eh. Ang sama sama kong tao. Kasi ang totoo umaasa parin akong sabihin mo sana ako parin. Ako nalang ako nalang uli  – Basha

  • Mahal ko si tricia – Popoy

  • Alam ko, alam ko – Basha

  • she loved me at my worst, you had me at my best at binaliwala mo lang lahat ny yun…… – Popoy

  • popoy yun ba talaga ang tingin mo? I just made a choice – Basha

  • and you chose to break my heart – Popoy

  • baka kaya tao iniiwan ng taong mahal natin kasi baka my bagong darating na mas okay. na mas mamahalin tayo yung tao hindi tayo sasaktan at paasahin. yung nagiisang tao na magtatama ng mali sa buhay natin nang lahat ng mali sa buhay mo – Popoy

  • Popoy… sorry… im really really sorry dahil nasasaktan kita hindi ko sinasadya hindi ko sinasadya im sorry, im sorry, im sorry, im really really sorry – Basha

  • minsan its better for two people to break up.. so they can grow up. It takes grown up to make relationship to work – Mark 

  • I love you and I will tell you everyday Everyday until  you forget  the things  that hurt And how I wish I could take them away  If only it could be done  But it cannot be done. I cant do it popoy Because you wont let me. –Tricia 

  • Nasaktan ka ang dahil hindi maluwag sa puso mo na ibigay sa kanya ang hinihiling nya sayo – Kenneth

  • Im just not sure if love is enough – Popoy

This Afternoon


This afternoon was different from my usual afternoon. Something just open up made me realise how empty my life is now.

Met this young guy (I think his just 19yrs old). At first when he ask me if he can visit me I know from there it will be just another afternoon hook up which im trying to avoiding but since im darn bored I just replied that he can drop by. Well we just watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal  and 666 Park Avenue. After watching he kissed me and can I just say that he really kiss well compare to guys that i dated before. after the kiss I asked him if his in a relationship and he answer honestly that he is in a relationship. So before anything happen to us i stop it from there because i dont want to be the cause of their  break up. So we just hug, kiss and sleep.

Then i found my self think and missing this mushy bumming around all afternoon. I just missed being with someone na hindi man kayo naguusap alam mo nandyan sya sa tabi mo at kompleto araw mo. I missed yung nakatingin lang kayo sa kesame magkahawak ang kamay pero parang ang layo na ng nadadating nyo at adami nyo na napaguusapan. I missed ung may natutulog sa braso mo, ung my yumayakap sayo at may kayakap ka and for every movement na magigising sya or ikaw hahalikan mo sya gising man or tulog. I just missed it.

Blocking Stolen Phone

My Iphone 4s was recently stolen from me, down side of it was all important items was sync thru icloud so files from my laptop and ipad will po visible thru my Iphone(file such as contacts, My icalendar for schedules even, notes which i put some of my bank account no. )

Since the sim card that Im using is a line i immediately call my provider to block it but since the phone was not issued by them I need to request to block it thru National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Which they just provide me their contact details.

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)

  • +63-2 – 926 -7722 or +63-2 – 436 – 7722

Since my was stolen Sunday no one is answering the phone so i emailed them Nov. 4 2012 the day my phone was stolen and they replied to me on Nov. 6 2012

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 6:52 AM,  <> wrote:

Good am,

Thank you for exhibiting keen interest in the blocking your lost cellphone and sim.

We would like inform you regarding the procedures on how to block your unit.

Initially, you can dropby our office and bring the following requirements:

The box of the lost unit, official receipt or the owner’s certificate, plus your two valid ids.

or you can also visit our website, , download NTC’s affidavit

of loss and ownership with undertaking, fill it up, have it notarized, then

send it thru fax or thru email. Our fax numbers are 9267722, 9213251 and our email

address is

Lastly, once we have received all your documents, your lost cellphone unit

and prepaid sim will be blocked four (4) days from the date of filing.

Please dont hesitate to contact us at 9213251 for further inquiries and look

for yours truly.

God Bless and have a nice day.


But today Nov. 7 2012 I personally drop by in there office (NTC Central Office NTC Building, BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City) with the box of my phone, 2 valid ID’s, and receipt of the Phone with IMEI.  IMEI is very important in blocking the phone so you need to know that. Blocking of phone is located at the lobby of NTC give the requirements because they will scan it and log some details in their excel database. Blocking of phone will take 3-4 business days for them to block and you need to call this no. to follow up if the phone is already block +63-2 – 926- 7722, +63-2 – 921- 3251, +63-2 – 920 – 4464


Anyway I hope my experience will help you incase of stolen phone.


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