How Inconvenient Gcash is?




One of the main requirement in philippines is NBI clearance may it be for job, getting passport ETC. Knowing how tedious it is to get NBI Clearance, you need to line up for several hours fill up some forms and so on. NBI came up with NBI Online Clearance Application. Sounds convenient right? think again…. For online application you need to pay thru Gcash or Pinoy Pera Padala. Since I’m a globe user I used Gcash in paying, after a sec or two I received my reference no. then I log on to NBI to setup my account and schedule. but for some reason I received this error “Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate.” I did double check everything and everything is correct.


I called the Gcash hotline to report they even verify my reference number, and indeed it was correct so they promise to resolve the issue within 24hrs. Error happened last Sunday and reported after and now its Tuesday and still not yet resolve how inconvenient it is to transact with Gcash. I do made followup call thru gcash hotline several times but all they answer was no reply from concern department and I will just followup.


what pissed me off is the agent told me upfront that there was no reply from the concern department and she will just email and followup again! for crying out loud! 3 days was already passed by and no reply? if they are waiting for the email it will take years. They have the means to call since they have the information of the that department. I previously  worked in a call center and urgent matters that need to escalate we have direct no. to expedite the process. So I suggested to the girl to call the department ASAP and she reply that they don’t have means to call them! Inday call center ka nagtratrabaho madaming telephone dyan na pwede gamitin ung sa supervisor or managers phone actually have access to outside call.


So I decided to cancel the transaction and request for a refund since they cannot solve the problem and they just replied “ay sorry we cannot guarantee na ma refund?”  Honestley Gcash is not convenient at all. and even agents in gcash hotline was not helpful at all.

It Takes A Man And A Woman Wedding Vows



Tagos sa puso ang wedding vows nila Laida at Miggy kaya naman ako sa sobrang like ko Mega write down word per word 😀

 Wedding March Voiceover



Noon pinangarap ko lang mahalin ang isang Miggy Montenegro ngayon nagpapasalamat ako dahil di na ako naghintay ng matagal  para matupad ang pangarap ko na yun. Hindi naging madali ang love story natin ilang beses din akong napagod at sumuko. Matagal bago ko naintindihan na walang instant happy ending. and then  I realized that I failed to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. Of love that I always thought and I perfectly had for you.



Five years ago, during one of the worst days of my life. When every one was walking out of me, a girl walked into my life. And I never thought that… that day… hindi mo alam na yun  pala ang pangarap ko yun na pala ang future ko.



Patawarin mo sana ako sa mga, sa mga oras na sumuko ako. Ganun pala pag nagmahal ka ng totoo, kasama lahat ng maganda, ng pangit, ng malungkot, ng masakit.


Wedding Vow Scene



Ngayon, kaharap mo ang isang Laida na alam na ng buong buo ang pinapasok nya. Isang Laida na hindi lang happily ever after ang gusto, kundi isang Laida na pinipili ang reality ever after with you. Mahal na mahal kita bebe ko. Mahal na mahal kita at wala na kong ibang nakikitang pang gagawin kundi mahalin ka at pagsilbihan ka buong buhay ko…



 Today I realized I won’t be making any vows for my wedding. NO! Because this is not the day for promises. Today I stand here in front of you in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear because I know and I know because i’m sure. I’m sure because I’m Yours. God bless our marriage and God bless me for wanting 12 kids with you I love you.



TRUE BLOOD Season 6 premieres June 16th at 9PM

TRUE BLOOD, Season 6’s first teaser is now online and the footage is a bloody mess, featuring creepy sound effects and ominous talk of a human-vampire war. I hope this season will be better compare to the last season!


I Can’t Let Go – Jennifer Hudson

I just finish watching Smash S02 Episode 04 and Jennifer Hudson sung this incredible song that I really loved and till now its playing in my itunes…


I Can’t Let Go – Jennifer Hudson AKA Veronica Moore

Composers: Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman

They say nothing lasts forever
Well, I wish that that were true
‘Cause this aching in my heart won’t go away

They sing, “Everything must change”,
They say that time will see you through
Well I’ve listened and I’ve waited for that day

But I wake up with this anger
And the pain won’t let me be
And the smile I share
Is only there for show

If I hang on to this heartache
Then my soul will not be free
So I keep trying
But I just cannot let go

I can’t let go
Oh, I need it to remind me
I can’t let go
Oh, I just repeat the past

And though your arms are saying yes
I feel my heart keep saying no
I want to love you
But I can’t let go

I have to live through bad beginnings
And I’ve seen unhappy ends
So I close the book
Before the story starts

I’m just a witness to my lifetime
And I’m a stranger to my friends
I’m a trafficker
Of broke and damaged hearts

Now, you ask me to start over
But it’s easier said than done
‘Cause the memories are strong when they arise

And when heartache comes a-callin’
I won’t even try to run
‘Cause it’s all that makes me know that I’m alive

I can’t let go
Oh, I need it to remind me
I can’t let go
Oh, I just repeat the past

And though your arms are saying yes
I feel my heart keep saying no
I want to love you
I want to love you
Oh, I want to love you
But I can’t let go

No, I can’t let go
Won’t you help me?
Help me to let go

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