I’m watching Grimm

“S02 Epi20 im down to last 2 epi”

15 others are also watching.

Grimm on GetGlue.com

I’m watching Arrow

“S01 Epi23 finale”

21 others are also watching.

Arrow on GetGlue.com

I’m watching World War Z

“The first part was intense… Later part was soso!”

85 others are also watching.

World War Z on GetGlue.com

I just unlocked the World War Z Box Office sticker on GetGlue

21912 others have also unlocked the World War Z Box Office sticker on GetGlue.com

No place is safe, only safer. Well, this movie theater is pretty safe. Thank you for seeing World War Z in theaters and for checking-in. Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at Paramount Pictures.

I’m watching Once Upon a Time

“S02 Epi22 nice epi for finale”

224 others are also watching.

Once Upon a Time on GetGlue.com

I’m watching Fast And Furious 6

“Tyrese is <3… Ang kulit lang but i still love the f5 mas intense and road action!”

39 others are also watching.

Fast And Furious 6 on GetGlue.com


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