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Dont Use Globe Post Paid ! ! !

Around March 2013 I called the hotline of globe and requested to turn off my data service since even if I turn it off manually thru my phone Im getting data charges if Im connected with my WIFI, and before I end the call I ask the female agent if she already turn it off and she told me that “Yes Sir it was off so even if your using your wifi you will not be charge of data service”. I was confident that after that call my only charges will be my personal use of call and text.

Came June, I was shock to discover that my bill was 10K and when I saw my bill there were charges for data service. So I immediately report this to the customer service of globe. from June till August the problem was not solve and they offer 50% reversal of the said charges.

As a consumer this is not my negligence for them to offer me only 50% waiver and not only that how would you feel as a consumer that a company is charging you internet service when infact your using other companies internet service. Worst part of this is when I ask globe to trace the phone call last March they just promise to look into that and till now no feedback on it. So it only means to say that all phone calls of customers are not recorded?

Im totally disgusted with Globe service so if your planning to sign up for post paid plan with globe I will suggest not to continue and better switch to other companies.


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