07. August 2015

GoPro Cracked Club

Have you experience this?

If yes! Welcome to GoPro Cracked Club. Honestly my GPH4SE is always on his shellcase / waterproof case and never bumped in any hard objects nor fall. 

Was upset about it and even look for seller of the Silver Faceplate. So I decided to post the picture in Facebook account (hoping for someone to suggest a seller) and a friend commented that, it’s a usual problem for GoPro and if it’s under 1 Year warranty I could ask for replacement. 

My step by step process, hope this will help you. 

1. Email GOPRO Support, You may go to this link: https://gopro.com/contact-us. On the description part, explain the problem of your unit.


2. Then you will get an auto-response with your case number which you can use for additional information or follow-up. 


3. Within 24-48hrs you will get a response from them. On the email that I got, they asked mo to send the picture of the camera showing the cracked. 


4. Next day, got the reply already asking me to fill up some information and asking for a scan / photo copy of the receipt and Serial Number of the Unit. Don’t forget to click the link on the email and fill it up. 


5. In my case it takes them 5 days to reply because because the name on the receipt was different because it was purchase using credit card and card that was use was my friends card. So support agent asked for approval first. After I received the approval RMA Form was email. 


6. You need to print the RMA because you will include this together with you GoPro and Waterproof case.



7. Then you will also get an email with the subject “A return has been set up for you”. You need to click the “UPS Shipping Label”. 


8. Just fill up the form “with your information” because this will be your UPS pick up details / label.



9. Once done you will receive an email with the subject “UPS Label Delivery, [your Tracking Number]”. Pls. note PDF file is attached and that will be your invoice so you dont need to fill-up just print 3copies of it. Also print 3copies of UPS Returns Label and Receipt for the delivery guy. 


10. After 24 hours your Tracking Number will activated and once active you may call UPS @ (02) 853 3333 to schedule pick-up. 

11. You may visit UPS website to track your item if this was successfully delivered. 


12. In most cases after they receive the item you will get confirmation from GoPro support that they received it and another email for tracking number if they are returning the new item to you. On my case not sure about the delayed but I did follow-up after a week of successful delivery of my unit. 

13. 3days After Order replacement Email I received my GPH4SE


Hope this will help you. Any comments and you can share your experience just comment below


1. Andrew commented on August 28, 2015 at 9:18 PM

Hi, did you have to add both return label and receipt to the packaging when you gave it to the UPS guy, or only the return label?

Thank you!

2. Markey commented on August 28, 2015 at 11:29 PM

UPS guy took the invoice, return label

3. Chelo commented on September 28, 2015 at 11:31 AM

Hi, i just want to ask what did u put on the company name? Is it the gopro returns moduslink? And also, is it also my personal info i will input on the contact name, province and zipcode.? Thank you

4. Markey commented on September 28, 2015 at 11:35 AM

For company i put my name and my personal add below

5. Pete commented on October 23, 2015 at 11:16 PM

Hey, im already done with step 9. What do you mean by tracking number? Will it come from UPS after turning them kver my gopro? May bayad ba? Others are suggesting kasi na ups can pick it up on my place daw. Im just not sure if how much. Thank you

your tracking number is your own tracking no. To monitor your shipment. Your tracking no. Will be activated in 24hrs after that call UPS to pick up your gopro. This service is free shipment is also free since gopro will pay for that

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