14. April 2009

American Idol – Top 8

Sorry for this late post I was on vacation and I some of you are waiting for this. Here we go!

1. Adam Lambert – Mad World
2. Allison Irhata – I Can’t Make You Love Me
3. Anoop Desai – True Colors
4. Danny Gokey – Stand By Me
5. Kris Allen – All She Wants to Do Is Dance
6. Lil Rounds – What’s Love Got To Do With It
7. Matt Giraud – Part-Time Lover
8. Scott Mcinytre – The Search is Over

Download: American Idol Season 8  – Top 8 (Studio Recordings)

One Comment

1. Bingkay commented on April 15, 2009 at 7:12 AM

I think it’s going to be Adam and Danny in the finals. Allison is also very good but she doesn’t have so many fans. She needs to charm the voters cause she definitely can sing but she’s on the bottom 3 many times already. Not much supporters.

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