22. April 2009


I always love shoes, call me Imelda but yup I have a 40 pairs of shoes most of them are leathers but right now since I’ve been so active in outdoor activities I decided to look for some athletic shoes. Since I’m too lazy to go to the mall and shop for fab finds I decided to search on the net for online stores. Main problem for me was there are stores that don’t have international delivery / international shippingbut came across this online store that offer that so I’m so glad about what they are offering.

Now finding the perfect pair on a reasonable price…..

Just browsing all the shoes on the online store I found some  nice Adidas shoes that are not available here in Manila (just day dreaming wearing this pair of Adidas shoes and my friends would ask me where did I bought it because its not on any stores in the metro…. lol). You can actually find different brands of athletic shoes here, brands such as Nike, Fila, Converse, K-swiss, DC, Reebok, New Balance, Creative Recreation ETC. and what I love about this online store is that most of the shoes are on discounted rates. Yes discount shoes are available here or should I say most of the shoes are discounted rates.

Well I bookmark some pair of shoes that I like and I’m just convincing my parents to buy me the stuff since Im a bum for 7 months now. Lol.


1. greiz commented on April 25, 2009 at 3:45 PM

you’re a certified shoe collector! .n_n.

greiz’s last blog post..lai’s caricature

2. Foamposite commented on April 28, 2009 at 11:30 PM

Informative content.

Buying a comfortable pair of shoes is something most of us look out for, especially when it comes to daily wear. Therefore, one should not compromise on the quality of shoes based on its pricing. A good pair of comfortable shoes may cost you a little more but would be worth the price for the cushioning they offer.

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