21. September 2012

Be Careful with Job Scams

I recently received a mail from a sender named Adam Baylin offerig attractive job in UK since that job is very attractive and the offer job is from UK I chatted him and send my Curriculum Vitae and guess what is his reply with my email and CV

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 12:28 AM, Adam Baylin <adambaylin780@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thanks for your reply…i went through your CV (Resume) and i want to let you know that you are capable and assigned to come over here to work..send me a short Application letter dear hope you are God fearing i love and i am in need of God fearing person if you are really God fearing person know that i am willing to help you and your family apart from the job .There are lots of Agencies here in London..and working visa’s are processed at least for a week or two.one of the agencies here ,the bests over now in London and also cheap is,
Email contact:
After you contact them,send a mail telling them that you want to make Enquirers on a UK working visa-House keeper
and working under Steve’s Family/the ADAMS hotel (10 Ashburn GardensSouth Kensington London SW7 4DG England).
Dear, i am only helping you with the flight ticket that all dear but i can render a support in getting the Working Visa just mail the Agency first than we will know were we are heading too.
Send me a reply on whatever they tell you.
Thanks and hope to read from you.


with his name Adam Baylin Im already hesitant but after reading his email i get more suspicious so I checked the sender of the email only to found out that the sender is from Nigeria, Mushin Halt.
So guys be careful with this kind of scams! 

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