12. November 2012

This Afternoon


This afternoon was different from my usual afternoon. Something just open up made me realise how empty my life is now.

Met this young guy (I think his just 19yrs old). At first when he ask me if he can visit me I know from there it will be just another afternoon hook up which im trying to avoiding but since im darn bored I just replied that he can drop by. Well we just watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal  and 666 Park Avenue. After watching he kissed me and can I just say that he really kiss well compare to guys that i dated before. after the kiss I asked him if his in a relationship and he answer honestly that he is in a relationship. So before anything happen to us i stop it from there because i dont want to be the cause of their  break up. So we just hug, kiss and sleep.

Then i found my self think and missing this mushy bumming around all afternoon. I just missed being with someone na hindi man kayo naguusap alam mo nandyan sya sa tabi mo at kompleto araw mo. I missed yung nakatingin lang kayo sa kesame magkahawak ang kamay pero parang ang layo na ng nadadating nyo at adami nyo na napaguusapan. I missed ung may natutulog sa braso mo, ung my yumayakap sayo at may kayakap ka and for every movement na magigising sya or ikaw hahalikan mo sya gising man or tulog. I just missed it.

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