You can call me Markey twenty something….wahehehehe…. makulit, maingay, lakwatsero, mahilig sa movie, iyakin, photography, minsan moody, palatulog pero mahilig magpuyat, magaling makisama, madami pang iba kung kikilalanin mo ako.

Why “yekram”? Go figure it out.

I started blogging way back in college (2001), like everybody else I started my first blogsite with blogger (I manage to save my old blog and its so funny reading all my old post and also the name of my blog that time was “My Twisted Life”).

I cant remember the exact date when I leave blogger and transfer my site to my friends domain (cherry). From “My Twisted Life” into “Twillow” (twilo a bar in libis + pillow tawag ko sa ex ko whom I met in twilo) http://twillow.lucky-charms.org 2002.

After a year cherry close her domain and found a new home with Jen http://twillow.jentleness.net 2003. A few months after I decided to buy my own domain which was http://Twillow.Org.

http://Twillow.Org is not just my personal blog site it contains my graphic designs, story of my life. I have it just for a year I cant maintain it because of my work load in school and also involved with somebody but didn’t last long but that was one of the best a dream come true for me. After I break-up with him I was planning that time to open up another blog but then again met someone. So hindi natuloy kasi inuna ang pagibig but that relationship was one of my longest 4yrs.

After 4years we broke up niloko ako, been cheated and fooled. So I decided to have my blog again. For me its like going back to the start and finding my self. Im happy now because I have “yekram.com” and practicing again my photoshop skills, medyo kinalawang na kasi!

So this is me Markey and this is my yekram.com


1. CatchyEnough commented on October 01, 2009 at 4:50 AM

pa comment na para may comment dito…hahaha!

BASE pala ako!

2. melon commented on January 07, 2010 at 10:15 PM

hi nag enjoy ako sa pagbabasa ng blog i am also working my own site na hihirapan din ako minsan na publish na hindi naman marami i have post my own personal lang minsan tinatamad din ako madali lang sumasakit yung mata ko pag humaharap sa computer …….. may edad kana pala( huwag kang magalit hehehe ) 2001 ka nag start 1st year high school pa lang ako nag enjoy ako sa pagbabasa ng blog mo lalo na ito nkakatawa talaga ……….na pag-isip ko iba talaga nagagawa ng pag-ibig … tulad ng sa iyo … ok lang yan kahit wala kang girlfriend ang importante masaya ka sa ginagawa mo marami nag mamahal sayo huwag kang mag alala dhil hindi ka nag iisa marami na tayo heheeheh ( ang daldal ko talaga )

thank you i enjoy reading your blog thak you uuuuuuuuu blah blah blah

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