Is This True?

Someone also posted this on Facebook, is this true? If its true well Richard Gutierrez is just another pretty face on TV.

Secret of Birthdate!

Wow ist been a while since my last post and Im very sorry for that because Im always out of town with my friends and no time to blog.

anyway I have tried this test in facebook and some how its kinda true!

You were born on 24th of July 1982.

:: Romantic
:: Idealistic and need a reason to be happy.
:: Strong Family bond are important to them.
:: Their decisions are driven by their emotion.
:: Like to help and take care others.
:: Loyal and a good teacher.
:: Love musics.
:: Loyal to those who are serious in relationship.
:: Need to learn what can and can’t change.

Famous people that share your personalities : Albert Einstein, Jane Seymour, John Denver, Meryl Streep, Christopher Columbus, Goldie Hawn.

Now Plurking….

I dont know why I sign up in plurk but I just love it because when I update my plurk it will also update my Facebook shoutout account and thats cool for me. So Im new in plurk and just learning the benefits of it. If you have an plurk account just add me.

Pet Society

pet I admit, I’m self confess addict in pet society. So if you’re wondering why I’m always online on facebook that is because I’m playing with my pet Missy on pet society. I don’t know how I can increase my paw points. I also enjoy dressing up Missy. I really can’t think of any reason why I’m so hook up with pet society but this been my past time now a days. So why don’t you sign up now and experience it and also be an addict. hehehehe


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